"Kirk Elliott is the Leonardo da Vinci of music."
(Max Ferguson, CBC Radio)

"A one man cottage industry of sound."
(Jurgen Gothe, CBC Radio)

"Kirk Elliott's score is inspired. The composer is able to write in any style."
(Paula Citron, the Toronto Star)

"Quite excellent violin work."
(Paul McGrath, the Globe & Mail)

"A great example of jazz fiddling. Not only is Mr. Elliott happy to give the likes of Stephane Grapelli a run for their money, he throws in a cracking guitar solo as well ... disgustingly talented hands!"
(BBC Radio)

"The driving score by Kirk Elliott provides irresistible propulsion for a forceful dance that uses the music as a sonic scoop."
(Max Wyman, the Vancouver Sun)

"A fantasy violin solo held an audience ... to pin-drop concentration."
(Wilder Penfield III, the Toronto Sun)

"Elliott, who is also a master fiddler, is one of the most inventive collaborators around, and has been a boon to the dance community in a number of ways, both as a composer and performer ... his music reflected the sensibility of the choreographer's vision exactly, and amply demonstrated the multi-level scope of his own imagination."
(Dance In Canada Magazine)

"A smashing collection of fiddle tunes ... played with skill as well as joyous enthusiasm. And the album has a great cover, too!"
(The Canadian Composer)

"This could be the textbook for playing the fiddle with taste, style, flair, passion, and a great sense of delight that makes life so good."
(Alan Weekes, CKUO Radio)